Friday, March 23, 2012

Corals and Pastel

Easter is nearly here, and you know what that means… pastels are literally popping up everywhere! I've always been a big fan of pastels, although I know many of you are probably not. But pastels do give you this air of regalia and a touch of sophistication.

I'm trying not to over accessorize. Less is more! I have to remember that since I can get a little too carried away sometimes...

Today, I finished the novel "The Reader" today by Bernhard Schlink. I've watched the movie before, but the book just gives it this other dimension. In the book, the protagonist, Michael, symbolizes a post-war generation in Germany that must accept its past to move on and ensure further development. It made me think about futility and philosophy. Were they all the same? As well as the nature of human relationships and the power of the mind. I don't know... I might have to re-read the book again.

Anyways, I was experimenting with ISO settings and grit. There's a whole lot of grit in these photos that add a little bit more of a vintage-ey effect, but this may well perhaps be the last time I use it. 

Top: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: Vintage Skirt Found in Japan
Bracelet: Pandora
Shoes: True Religion
Earring: Clip-ons from Accesorize
Clutch: Anya Hidmarch

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